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Why Digital is better...

It allows me to be able to reduce my overheads and cost of the business, which in turn allows me to offer great competitive prices to you.

Once you own the digital copy, you are free to have them printed where ever you like and as big as you like. Unlike many other studios, there are no size restrictions placed on our images.

I'll even point you in the right direction if you would like advice on where to go for the best prints, canvases etc.

If however I offered a print only service you would be receiving one copy of the image and to get another you would have to purchase a second copy and so on. So this is the 'Hidden Value' of digital images. Once you own them digitally, printing for gifts can be as cheap as £1 or less! Or practically nothing if you own a printer. It's a no brainer!

I'm always upfront with my prices. And it's because I know they are fair, competitive and worth every penny. Plus unlike many other studios I would hate to spring any unexpected surprises upon my amazing customers.


* All of my packages are the same no matter the type of shoot.


* Whether you are looking for a cake smash, maternity, newborn or a family shoot. (With the exception that you need to bring a cake with you if you are booking for a cake smash shoot).

* Also, if you would like family or sibling shots with your newborn shoot it is no extra cost. Crazy how many places will charge you extra for such a thing!

* I also offer different styles such as our 'Bambino Italia Range' (as shown below). With my packages you are welcome to mix and match styles to really make the most of your time whilst your here.


Bambino Italia Range - Dart Photography UK

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